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Because proven quality makes work easier

You can work even more safely with the claw hammer. Thanks to the integrated safety pin, which we have strengthened for you. Highest impact and fast and precise work is the program here! Thanks to the optimal weight distribution, it also sits perfectly in your hand and allows you to work without tiring. The highly polished head and its elegant design also give the claw hammer a cool finish.

Your advantages and your comfort

Comfortable partner: hits and pulls nails!

  • Stable and safe: Maximum safety with head and handle protection and additional reinforcement with a steel ring
  • Optical: highly polished head and a noble design
  • Holding on: With a nail magnet in the head
  • Balanced: tool weight is optimally distributed
  • Dynamic: Maximum impact thanks to the perfect head weight
  • Ergonomic: Fatigue-free work
  • Durable: Precision forged head with high-quality connection between head and shaft
  • Comfortable: No slipping off the nail thanks to the roughened hitting surface
  • Versatile: With precisely forged nail puller
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