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INOX cutting discs 125mm / 100x for €36.90

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  • 30
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  • 50
  • 100
Professional cutting discs, stainless steel, 125 x 1 x 22.23 mm
  • 50 professional cutting discs - THE ideal attachment for your flex, cut-off and angle grinders
  • Properties: High quality standard, inox (stainless), size: Ø 125 mm, 1 mm thin
  • Effortless, ergonomic and fast processing of many materials is possible with our cutting discs
  • The robust, particularly high-quality discs are ideal for clean and precise cutting of thin-walled pipes, sheet metal, profiles, steel, stainless steel, V2A, non-ferrous metal and much more
  • You can find more cutting discs in different versions here in our online shop

Delivery time: 2 - 5 working days

Operation area: Metal (all), non-ferrous metals, aluminium, V2A, metal doors, car (body), thin-walled pipes, stainless steel
Contents: 10,30,50,100
Material: aluminum oxides
max. speed: 12200m/s
Drilling: approx. 22.23mm
Diameter: 125mm
Thickness: 1 mm
Specification: rust-free, particularly stable, flexible in use, durable, tested according to EN12413 A24 R-BF
Processing tasks: Separating, cutting, milling
Machine: Angle grinder, cut-off grinder, flex
Scope of application: Steel construction, workshop, construction and renovation work, hobby, metal construction
quality level: Premium
professional group: Metalworkers, vehicle builders, hobby builders, locksmiths, construction workers, other craftsmen
Color: Black
SKU: A9-T7J7-04AG