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Roof PRO - COMPRESSION BAND width 15mm

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  • anthracite
  • Gray
  • 15
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 6
Compression tape 15/XX, anthracite, 1 piece, roll width: 15 mm, joint width: 2-6 mm
  • The offered compression tape is a high-quality, pre-compressed joint sealing tape made of flexible polyurethane foam with acrylic dispersion impregnation
  • Secondary, permanently elastic sealing of movement joints in the construction and metal industry, eg between prefabricated concrete parts, masonry, trapezoidal sheet metal, sandwich elements against wind, dust and splash water
  • Easy and quick to process
  • Provides a driving rain tight joint - No joint edge contamination - Retains its flexibility - Low thermal conductivity - Free of chlorinated compounds, CFC and halogens - Excellent assembly properties
  • All substrates except PE, PTFE, PP and silicone
  • Adhesive surfaces must be roughly cleaned of building dirt and mortar residue
  • The compression tape can be fixed to wet joint flanks with wedges
  • Permanently elastic sealing of connection joints in the construction and metal industry, eg between prefabricated concrete parts, steel construction, masonry, trapezoidal sheets, sandwich elements against wind, noise, dust and splash water
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation in window coupling, roof constructions and prefabricated constructions
  • Easy and quick to work with, offers a driving rain-tight joint, no joint edge contamination
  • Retains its flexibility, low thermal conductivity, excellent assembly properties free of chlorinated compounds and halogens
  • For indoor and outdoor use
Dimensions: 12.5m / 2 | 10 m / 3 | 8 m / 4 | 5.6m / 6
Operation area: Interior and exterior, connection and expansion joints, partition walls, window and door connections, prefabricated components, fiber cement parts, roof structures, masonry
Contents: 1 piece
Material: Polyurethane soft foam, impregnated
Specification: Resistant to temperature changes (-40°/+90°), permanently elastic, high thermal and acoustic insulation, open to vapor diffusion, high adhesive strength, no dirt on the joint edges, easy and quick to process, thermal conductivity (DIN EN 12 667), building material class (DIN 4102), dimensional tolerance (DIN 7715T5P3)
Processing tasks: sealing
Scope of application: Façade construction, glass construction, woodwork, building construction between aluminum profiles, installation of windows and doors, sealing, steel construction, roof construction
Recording: one-sided self-adhering
quality level: default
professional group: Hobby builders, bricklayers, tilers, private individuals, glaziers, facade builders
Color: anthracite
joint width: 2-6mm