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Because craftsmanship is everything

With the Universo® you not only work safely and effortlessly - but also quickly and precisely. Because it is made by hand for your hand. It saves energy, protects joints and hearing - and does so for a long time.

Perfect performer: It punches, shapes and processes slate. And he pulls nails!

  • Universal: double wading on the working side - no need to change tools when notching. You can also work on both sides of the bridge
  • Flexible: One-sided circular grinding of the head for creating large radii
  • Non-slip and breathable: handcrafted leather handle absorbs the impact
  • Sound-optimized and durable: Thanks to the Freund hardening process by hand
  • Stable and safe: You guide the hammer precisely with the leather handle
  • Balanced: tool weight is optimally distributed

And something else!

In our in-house production, the slate hammer Universo ® made by hand for your hand. With precise steps, a normal slate hammer becomes a true masterpiece of precision. Every move is geared towards your comfort. For example, individual leather discs are pulled onto the handle by hand and turned into the appropriate shape. For your convenience, we don't leave out any work step. What nobody knows: more than 25 steps are necessary so that we can get the best out of the slate hammer for you. For the highest quality and long-lasting use. And many of you can attest to that. Because most of them have been using our slate hammer for years. This makes it your daily companion. Our pro user Martin Engelke goes one step further and says that he can blindly identify his slate hammer among several.

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