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Because detail work is crucial

Fast AND filigree - the particularly light and durable Universo® Ornament makes it possible. Because we made it by hand. So that you can deliver perfect work down to the last detail safely and effortlessly. Without much effort. And gentle on your joints.

Filigree Decorator: Specially designed for creating and editing slate ornaments!

  • Filigree: Create curves and shapes with hand-ground and rounded modeling surfaces
  • Universal: double wading on the working side - no need to change tools when notching. You can also work on both sides of the bridge
  • Particularly light and filigree: leather handle worked by hand – absorbs the impact
  • Sound-optimized and durable: Thanks to the Freund hardening process by hand
  • Balanced: tool weight is optimally distributed
  • Stable and safe: You guide the hammer precisely with the leather handle

And something else!

With our slate hammer Universo ® Ornament gives your works of art the right details. Whether flowers, animals or free motifs. Whether on the facade or as a loose piece of jewelry. Slate ornaments are real eye-catchers with great attention to detail. Your ornaments, made by your hand, emphasize what is special about a house. And they usually draw attention to the hobby of the owner. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to depicting these – everything is possible and no two ornaments are alike! But the filigree pieces of jewelry all have one thing in common: They bring the facade to life and not only give the owners a lot of pleasure when looking at them.

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