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Freund - slate hammer, Rhenish form, right

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Because manual work is real craftsmanship

With the slate hammer you not only work safely and effortlessly - but also quickly and precisely. Because the Rhenish form is made by hand for your hand. It saves energy, protects joints and hearing - and does so for a long time.

Your advantages and your comfort

Precise all-round genius: It punches, forms, processes and fastens slate. And he pulls nails!

  • Non-slip and breathable: handcrafted leather handle absorbs the impact
  • Balanced: the tool weight is optimally distributed by the shape
  • Sound-optimized and durable: With a lot of experience, our slate hammers are hardened by hand
  • Stable and safe: You guide the hammer precisely with the leather handle
  • Anti-slip: The roughened hitting surface helps to ensure precise nail attachment
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