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Because work doesn't always have to be difficult

The ultra-light claw hammer convinces across the board. You can not only hammer in nails with it, you can also remove old nails easily and without much effort. Thanks to the special shape of the head. Because it is rounded off like a cow's foot. And what not many people know: This claw hammer is forged from one piece and is therefore particularly durable!

Your advantages and your comfort

Sturdy lightweight: Drives in nails and removes old ones!

  • Durable: Forged from one piece
  • Fatigue-free: Ergonomic 2K soft grip absorbs the impact
  • Balanced and ultra-light: tool weight is optimally distributed
  • Special: Thanks to the round head shape, nails can be easily removed - similar to a crowbar
  • Comfortable: No slipping off the nail thanks to the roughened hitting surface
  • Practical: Can be used with one hand thanks to the magnetic nail holder

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