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Perfect team: Tear off waterproofing and vapor barrier membranes, shingles and insulation boards!

  • Powerful BOZZ: 2K power handle, enormous leverage and 200 mm working width
  • Comfortable little BOZZ: 2K handle, leverage and 100 mm working width
  • Efficient: Strong toothed blades pull the nails out very quickly
  • Robust: No moving parts, fully welded

And something else!

So far, you and your colleagues have used standard shovels from the hardware store to help you with the demolition. Most of the time they were gone after a day on the roof. And you too!
We know what you need and say that ergonomics and demolition are clear team players. Just like our BOZZ and the little BOZZ. When it comes to demolition work, they are an unbeatable unit! And the best thing is: We don't even know all possible uses! Share yours with us with.

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